Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services offers a variety of countertop and handheld terminals to fit your business needs.

PAX S80 EMV - Countertop Payment Solution

PAX’s S80 is an advanced countertop POS terminal which combines ease-of-use, durability and high performance to assure faster, more reliable transactions.

The PCI PTS 4.x approved S80 offers advanced connectivity, equipped with various communication technologies such as Dial, Ethernet. An intuitive ATM style interface and ergonomic keypad make operation easier for merchant and consumer alike.

The S80 comes with built-in contactless and powerful ARM11 processor, enabling support for multiple payment and value-added applications, making this countertop terminal one of the most reliable in the world.

PAX A920

PAX A920 - Mobile Tablet Terminal

A920 is the world’s first tablet mobile terminal, a fashionable and compact payment device powered by the Android operating platform. The A920 comes with a large high-definition tablet color display and a super-fast thermal printer that is neatly hidden below so as to maximize screen usage for customer-facing transactions. A wide range of advanced connectivity options are supported, as well as inbuilt NFC contactless, electronic signature capture and massive amounts of memory to enable exceptionally fast processing of applications.

PAX A80 - The Simple Countertop

The PAX A80 is the perfect countertop solution for small & mid-sized businesses. While most of the terminals in the A-series line are full touchscreen and look the most like smartphones, the A80 combines a touchscreen with a traditional built-in physical PIN pad. Backlit keys make it easy to use in any lighting conditions. If you prefer a PIN pad instead of utilizing a touchscreen entirely, the A80 is a great choice.
FD150 Terminal

FD150 Contactless & EMV - Countertop Payment Solution

Get everything you need in one power packed countertop unit. The First Data FD150 is one of the most popular credit card machines on the market, for a reason. It packs a super fast processor and has a high speed ethernet port for running cards with speed. Customers love the simple and intuitive experience. Seamlessly integrate the RP10 PinPad for customer facing interface that allows customers to swipe their own card and enter their PIN for debit card transactions. Card slot allows EMV transactions, NFC capabilities accept payments from smart devices, and side swiper takes care of the rest. Get everything you need in the FD150 credit card machine.