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The All-in-One POS System, NRS complete POS+ comes with the best point of sale system software, tobacco ID, & state-of-the-art mobile app. NRS designed the software to help you understand it, even if you don’t know much about technology. You don’t have to get an expensive system or a technology team to keep up with the market.


High-Risk Merchant Accounts

At Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services we realize that some merchants fall into “high risk” categories. This means that it can be harder for the business to obtain a merchant account. Through our partnership with Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS), we are able to help many high-risk business types. Other times, businesses may be able to obtain a high-risk merchant account but the rates will be exorbitant and the customer service will be cut-rate. We believe that just because a merchant is in a high-risk category does not mean that they deserve second class service. High Risk merchant services provided through North American Bancard.

Some of the high-risk merchants that we may be able to help include:

  • Debt Collection/Recovery
  • Adult novelties/ toys
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • E-Liquid
  • Adult including membership sites
  • Life Coaching
  • Nutra Deals
  • Airlines
  • Off shore business
  • Selling anything that “borders” on illegal
  • Loan Modification companies
  • Some travel
  • Timeshares
  • Gambling and casinos
  • Modeling agencies
  • Pawn shops
  • Vape shops
  • Real estate
  • SEO services
  • Vitamin and supplement sales
  • and many more…

Payment processing is important for all businesses including high-risk merchants.

In modern times it is necessary to accept digital payments to have a successful business. For the standard business is already difficult to weed out the good from the bad merchant services companies. When it comes to high risk business types it is much harder. To start high risk companies do not get as good of rates as standard business types, period. On top of that, many merchant services companies have extra fees that get confusing when comparing merchant services and make you likely to fall in with a company that will take advantage of your “high risk” category type.

High-risk merchants have a hard time finding a good payment processing company.

For every 1 ethical high-risk processor, there are 100 that you shouldn’t trust. Expect to pay higher rates but don’t expect second rate service or tons of hidden fees. Review the terms of your contract closely. Do not get roped into a term agreement or high cancellation fees. Just because you’re high risk doesn’t mean that’s standard, it’s not!


What’s a rolling reserve?!

A rolling reserve is a monetary reserve to help protect the processor depending on how high the “risk” is with the merchant. This reserve is there to cover the account just in case the merchant closes shop, gets a lot of chargebacks, etc. Rolling reserves are common in high-risk processing. Some are way higher than they need to be. Look at how much rolling reserve a payment processor requires and for how long they require it. One thing most merchants don’t know it that a rolling reserve is negotiable! This could be one of the biggest factors in the cost-effectiveness of going with one company over another! A good merchant service company will negotiate down your rolling reserve as much as possible.

Beware of the Obvious

Many merchant services companies market that they are “specialized in high-risk merchant accounts”. Beware of these companies! Yes, they will most likely approve you for an account. Remember though, these companies specialize in making a lot of money off of high-risk merchants and they will off of you too. Will you get service? Yes. Will you get overcharged? DEFINITELY!

What should you do?

Go with a reputable processor that has good ratings and doesn’t advertise everywhere that they specialize in high-risk merchant services. Will you run into some processors who won’t touch high risk at all? Yes, but you will also find that sweet middle ground. Many merchant services companies have less strict policies for high-risk merchant accounts, but do not go out trying to capitalize off of them. That’s what you want. A company like… Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services.

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Benefits Of  Using Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services

Fast Approval

Get a higher level of service quickly.

No Cancellation Fees

Hassle-free – We handle PCI compliance on our end making sure you provide safe, secure, reliable transactions.

EMV Acceptance

We supply modern credit card machines with all the bells and whistles you expect. EMV, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and contactless payments are all supported.

Online Account Login

Included 24/7 online access to a full suite makes it easy to track your merchant account.

Next Day Funding

No more waiting for deposits. You get next-day funding so you can run your business without all of the unnecessary speed bumps.

No Term Agreements

Our customer service supplies 5-star support!

Free Equipment Program

98% of our merchants qualify for free credit card terminals or processing equipment. Don’t worry about leasing a new machine. We have a new one for you!

Exceptional Customer Service

Fully customized & cutting edge, we have low-cost solutions that you have been looking for.