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E-commerce / Website Payment Solutions and Integrations

With the invention of the internet came an open door to the entire world. From their personal computers at home or their mobile devices on the go, people can keep up with friends, get the latest news, or make financial transactions. It’s not only changed the way people interact, it’s changed the way people do business. Brick and mortar stores that have existed for 150 years are going out of business in favor of stores that have online purchasing options.

ecommerce-floating-icons-bgMany people prefer to shop online, so if your Las Vegas, NV business wants to gain a foothold in the market, offer an online credit card payment option. By having your customers log onto a website to purchase goods via an e-commerce shopping cart, your online sales will get a boost. Some of the most important benefits of obtaining merchant services to assist with this transition are:

Flexibility. No matter what type of credit card your customer uses, your internet merchant service processor has you covered. This includes the ability to accept gift cards, void transactions, and issue credits.
Convenience. Day-to-day transactions will now be smoother. No more going to the bank to deposit payments; it’s all scheduled online.
Security. Even in a world of credit card fraud, internet merchant service providers can offer excellent protection. Tools within the software are always watching and can alert you to suspicious transactions.


A payment gateway is where your online customers after they finalize an order but before confirming it. It’s a secure and encrypted connection where they can type their payment details and address without worrying about someone hacking their connection and grabbing all these juicy details. It’s also the last moment when you have to impress your customer because if they don’t like what they see for some reason they could still back out and look somewhere else for the products they want.

Avoid These Serious Pitfalls

Customers who encounter an untrustworthy looking website or payment gateway may choose to abort and never return no matter how professional and well-reviewed your products are. Make sure you use a respectable domain name, be professional with the ads you place and the ones you let on your site, and if your company or your website has earned any security or quality certificates, display them proudly.
Don’t demand that customers register with your site to buy something. User registration may be a good fit for ongoing services and major companies like Amazon, but only your merchant services partner needs personal information to process a purchase. Customers can resent sites that require registration, especially if they only plan on buying one product.
A complicated website design can lose you sales. It’s hard to buy something if you don’t make it easy to reach a product page, add it to their cart, and then go through the checkout process.
Limited payment options are another way to lose sales. If your customer has one preferred way to pay and you don’t offer it, they may decide to check out your competition instead.

Be Trustworthy In Appearance And Action

High-profile websites and databases keep getting hacked, and the average internet user knows there are a lot of websites that look legitimate but will steal your information the moment you type it in. Things like bad spelling, bad formatting, an obvious template job, and a lack of security seals can all drive suspicious customers away. This is true even if you have a physical location and your customers visit you in person all the time: your website design needs to be as professional as your store.

Optimize Your Payment Gateway

Consider using a third-party payment gateway, especially if the third party is a well-known, trustworthy name.

Clearly display all your payment options.
Use security logos and seals you’ve earned and absolutely never try to make some up yourself.
Describe what will happen before it happens. This is especially important with a third-party gateway.
Use common sense when deciding what information to require. Zip codes and card security codes can reduce fraud, and you can flag transactions with suspicious details like a user with an IP address outside your usual customer base.

Choose A Trustworthy Merchant Services Partner in Las Vegas

At Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services, Inc. we do our best to keep things professional and transparent, and we offer many different payment options so more customers can find a method that works for them. Between that and a good payment gateway, you should have nothing to worry about.

Catching Up To The Times in Las Vegas, NV

Having an internet merchant account is good for your customers and your business. Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services, Inc. has all of the information you need to get your internet merchant services account up and running. Don’t wait until you’re the last small business to make the change. Contact us for more information today.

Global 1 Wholesale Merchant services has solutions to integrate with most eCommerce – shopping cart systems. Reach out for more details!