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UZELI Point Of Sale Systems

Simple Salon and Spa Management Software

Uzeli gives you simple tools to streamline bookings, point of sale operation, automate marketing programs and delight your customers – all from a single system.
Cloud-based POS developed specifically for salons and spas. Uzeli has a low upfront cost and monthly fee. Uzeli has its own live app to keep track of your customers and transactions, so you stay informed in real-time.

Uzeli Offers Online Appointments

* Customers can book appointments online.
* Unified calendar for online, phone and in-store appointments.
* Sends Confirmations and reminders.

Uzeli Has Stylist Performance Reports

* Uzeli creates transparency by managing the process from the time the
customer signs up through the checkout.
* Uzeli helps you know your associate’s efficiency.

Uzeli Text Message Marketing

* Uzeli acquires customer’s phone numbers using an opt-in process.
* Uzeli analyzes customers preferences from their visits and enables salon owners to send targeted text messages.

Uzeli Rewards

* More than 95% of customers participate in loyalty programs when empowered by Uzeli.
* Uzeli focuses on your customer experience at your salon and makes sure they leave happy every visit.


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