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QUANTIC Point Of Sale Systems

Cloud Based POS System for Retail Businesses

One-stop solution for retail operations for accurate billing & hassle-free inventory management. Smartly manage your in-store business. Quantic provides a wide range of retail-specific POS solutions for brick-and-mortar stores.

Key Features:

Deliver a better customer experience with…

* Real Time Reports
* Inventory Management
* Vendor Management
* Retail Customer Management
* Time Management
* Support Dual Pricing
* High Security
* eCommerce

Why Choose Quantic Retail POS System?

Quantic retail management system provides you with the solutions that are built specifically for your store. You can effortlessly manage all your retail operations with high accuracy, minimum employees, and minimum skills. A POS software can benefit your business in many ways. From managing order for fast turnaround, creating attractive discounts for new and existing customers, tracking the stock level of inventory, and more! This is a single solution to suit all your business needs.

Flexible Payment Options
Flexible payment options tend to increase sales making customers turning back to your store again and again. Our POS system and payment processor allow you to accept all major credit and debit cards, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Customer Management
Our Quantic POS system empowers you to manage your customer from the POS itself. Customer notes, deposits, loyalty information, pending orders, house accounts, saved cards, etc., can be managed from the point of sale.

Inventory Management
POS inventory management is one of the most mind-blowing element of POS System, permitting you to follow stock continuously. Web and in-store buys can be traced back to the leftover inventory helping owners to follow their supply levels efficiently.

Employee Management
Efficiency monitoring can be a precious function in maintaining a secure and economically sound work environment. For many small businesses, closely monitoring sales & managing staff build a more trustworthy and effective business.

Reporting Tools
Reporting tools are the major feature for retail POS systems. Retailers require to see not only sales, but also which products are best sellers with top margins and worst sellers with low margins.

Global 1 Quick Serve Restaurant POS

Quick Service Restaurant POS Software for quick & efficient management

A quick-service restaurant’s core function is to offer excellent assistance at a high speed. To stay aware of the speed and maintain the business easily, you would want the best QSR POS framework. The Quantic POS allows you to perform prompt billing, oversee recipes, make beneficial combos, inventory management, and minimize waste. Additionally, you can leverage the cloud-based arrangement and access real-time reports through a cell phone.

Benefits of using Quantic QSR POS software

It’s easier than ever before with Quantic POS for Quick Service Restaurants

* Express Tablet Billing
* Manage Online Orders
* Recipe Management
* Inventory and Waste management
* Delight Your Customers
* Manage Combos
* Kitchen Display System
* Multiple Payment Options

Scale your business

Operate Multiple Locations
Quantic allows multiple business locations to utilize a unified menu, item descriptions, and pricing to provide all your customers with  the same experience, no matter where they order!

Quick Transaction Processing
If a customer wants a fast transaction, our Quick Charge option allows you to process payments without creating a customer profile.

Enable Text or Email Receipts
With digital (email and text) receipts, businesses can practice an eco-friendly and cost-effective approach to run a QSR store.

Enable Scan & Pay
In observance of local guidelines, you can enable a Scan & Pay option, so customers can process their payments safely using just a QR code link!

Quantic Pizza Builder
Our Quantic Pizza Builder allows for complex customization! Set pizza toppings to the whole, half, or quarter coverage. Our price calculations will ensure that every topping is profitable.

Topping Modifier
Once enabled, Quantic will automatically create three modifier groups on the Pizza Builder. When adding toppings, simply select either Left Half, Right Half, or the Whole Pizza modifier!

Display Options
Customize the prefix color, POS item name, and the item name on the kitchen receipt. Easily Brand your pizza to the Front of the House and clearly communicating toppings to the kitchen!

Pre & Post Modifiers
Quantic’s pre & post-modifiers allow you to create a prefix or suffix for any topping that you offer. If your customer orders a Supreme Pizza with “No Onions” easily select the prefix “No” to reflect on your customer receipt and kitchen ticket.

Default Prefix
Set a default prefix for the modifier so that it will appear pre-selected on the product screen. It helps the users to save the most popular choice of prefix for a specific modifier.

Additional Available Options

Manage Delivery Radius
Our robust Take Out and Delivery option allows you to manage your drivers and delivery radius. Your website will automatically communicate with customers if they are eligible for delivery!

Print Order Labels
Our label printing option ensures that you never give out the wrong order. Add your company logo to the labels to ensure a branded customer experience.

Why Choose Quantic QSR?

Quantic offers the best Quick Service Restaurants POS system that streamlines restaurant functioning and increases staff members’

Quick Service POS is loaded with many useful features such as invoicing and transactions, sending orders directly to the kitchen, creating discounts for existing and new customers, controlling inventory, managing recipes, creating beneficial combo packs, and managing online orders from various online food aggregators in one place.

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