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RPower POS Systems


POS software that grows with you.

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Whether you’re a trendy bar proprietor, fine dining restaurateur, or anything in between, RPOWER has one goal: to better your customer experience. Our restaurant point of sale software is constructed to handle the everyday tasks and unexpected challenges of doing business regardless of customer quantity. Suitable for any niche in the food service market, RPOWER POS is built to encompass, grow, and retain your new customers.

POS Software Features


  • Splitting Checks
  • Menu Coursing
  • Hold/Fire Ordering
  • Graphical Table Display
  • Menu/Item Description
  • Mobile Ordering
  • EMV at the Table
  • Automatic Gratuity


  • Integrated Loyalty
  • Integrated Scale
  • Customer Facing Displays
  • Kitchen Video Display Systems
  • Digital Menu Board
  • Barcode Readers
  • Online Ordering/Grubhub
  • EMV at the Door


  • Drawer Compulsion
  • Spotter Display
  • Multiple Check Printing
  • Graphical Table Display
  • Beverage Enforcement
  • Open/Standee Tabs
  • Seamless shift change
  • Intuitive User Interface
  • Day & Time Profit Centers


  • Delivery Dispatcher
  • Customer History/Last Order Recall
  • Caller ID Functionality
  • Multiple Online Ordering Integrations
  • Tax Levels for Dine-In vs Takeout
  • Order Confirmation Window
  • Sign-On Payment Screen
  • Integrated Gift & Loyalty
  • No Signature Required Transactions

Hardware Solutions

RPOWER’s restaurant POS system is versatile with hardware and allows you to do all of the basics and more with just a few easy steps.

Take orders, craft schedules, and process payments with seamless connection to hardware, accessories, and more. Improve any area of restaurant operation by utilizing an RPOWER software display.
  • RPOWER’s kitchen display allows restaurant owners to seamlessly connect between front and back of house staff
  • Barcode scanners and fingerprint readers could free up hands, increase profits, and speed up operations
  • Caller ID and other basic peripherals ensure that opportunities for business are never missed.


Mobile Order and Pay

POS software that enables customers to order, tip and pay for their meals using a mobile device.

Integration with Third Party Delivery Services

POS software that can integrate with various third-party delivery services like GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash etc.

Cash Discounting and Surcharging

Easily recover your credit card fees by offering a lower price to customers who pay with cash and higher price for those who pay with a credit card.

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