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The POS Features You Want on an iPad Interface You Love.

Retail and Restaurant owners choose Paradise POS and our innovative iPad POS software because it combines legacy POS system functions with the convenience and simplicity of the iPad interface. Paradise POS also offers extra elements that make running your business easier, like customizable features and a secure system, all backed by our dedicated customer support team.


Paradise POS Restaurant Point of Sale Features

  • Built for iOS: Our restaurant point of sale software is designed for Apple devices.
  • Offline mode: Our internet-independent point of sale systems still communicates, even when the internet goes down.
  • Secure transactions: Accept all types of payments including cash, debit, credit, gift and loyalty.
  • Customizable menu and pricing: Easily modify or change menu items and pricing by location.
  • Inventory and ingredient management: Decrease spoilage, eliminate waste and analyze profitability down to the ingredient.
  • Scale and barcode integration: Use NTEP-certified scales to weigh items for sale, and label and scan products to track inventory.
  • Labor scheduling and payroll: Monitor costs and manage labor to ensure you have adequate staffing at peak times.
  • Check and table management: Accommodate tabs, easily handle transfers, splits or merged checks, and manage seating.
  • Smart ordering and combo meals: Increase average ticket size with conversational ordering and suggestive selling prompts.
  • ID scanning and age verification: Avoid costly fines and penalties by scanning ID to verify age when selling regulated products.
  • Business reporting: Run a variety of reports that provide detailed insight into business performance.
  • Gift cards and loyalty programs: Offer gift cards and loyalty rewards to attract new and repeat customers.

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