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Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services promises to deliver fantastic service because our goal is to help your business grow. We offer merchant services with no contracts and no hidden fees so you stay with us because you want to…not because you have to. Let us know how we can best serve your business needs.

Payment Processing

Do you need to accept credit cards from anywhere? We have you covered! From credit card processing on your website to countertop credit card terminal to EMV reader for your smart phone we have every small business solution available to suit your needs.


Point Of Sale

At Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services we understand that every small business has different needs. We offer many point of sale solutions – including HotSauce, Zuza, NRS, Clover and Paradise. We will help you match the perfect solution for your small business.


Small Business Loans

Our small business loans and merchant cash advance / funding options are customized to meet your specific needs. Click the button below to talk to a funding & merchant cash advance specialist who will present the different small business loan & funding options.

Transparency Through Education

Our job is to guide you through your small business merchant service solutions, payment processing and point of sale options. We will educate our small business merchants through all of their technical needs so they understand fully what services they are provided.

Our transparent pricing for merchant services is very important for your success. We believe that the small business merchant fully understands all options available and how we will save them money over the competition.


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Small Business Merchant Services

Understanding Business Merchant Services Definitions:

Merchant Services

Merchant services is a term that includes payment processing, point of sale systems, and merchant cash advances. Payment processing is by far the most popular of the three merchant services.

Merchant Services Providers

Merchant services providers are companies that offer payment processing, point of sale, and or merchant cash advance loans to businesses. Some Merchant Service Providers do not offer loan services though most offer payment processing and POS systems. Merchant Service Providers works on behalf of both parties between the customers bank and the merchants bank. The merchant service provider supplies the equipment and systems necessary for the merchant to be able to accept payments by credit or debit card, check, or ACH.

During a transaction the funds from the customers bank are transferred to the merchants bank through the merchant service provider.

Credit And Debit Card Processing

Credit and debit card processing gives the merchant the ability to receive credit and debit card payments from their customers. This can be done using a traditional credit card machine or terminal, point of sale systems and through virtual terminals that give a computer the functionality of a traditional credit card machine.

Payment Gateways And eCommerce

Payment gateways are used to connect two parts of a payment system. Payment gateways are typically used in e-commerce to connect a website’s shopping cart system with the merchant’s payment processing account. Some point of sale systems also require a payment gateway to connect to the processing account as well.

Virtual Terminals

A virtual terminal works the same as a physical processing terminal, except on a computer or online. Virtual terminals have the ability to accept credit and debit card payments but usually include added features such as the ability to store tokenized card information for recurring payments.