The Best Merchant Processing Solutions

Restaurant Merchant Service Accounts

HotSauce Point Of Sale Systems

The Perfect Solution for Your Restaurant or Bar.

Track hours, manage security levels, edit time-sheets, and so much more.
Great for loyalty programs or for serving up the “regular.”
Add, edit or remove menu items in real-time with a simple and intuitive interface.


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Global 1 Quick Serve Restaurant POS

Quantic Point Of Sale Systems

Quick Service Restaurant POS Software for quick & efficient management

A quick-service restaurant’s core function is to offer excellent assistance at a high speed. To stay aware of the speed and maintain the business easily, you would want the best QSR POS framework. The Quantic POS allows you to perform prompt billing, oversee recipes, make beneficial combos, inventory management, and minimize waste. Additionally, you can leverage the cloud-based arrangement and access real-time reports through a cell phone.

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Restaurants are multi-faceted businesses with many moving parts to manage. Your payment solution needs to be fast, secure,  reliable, and worry-free. Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services has years of experience working with the restaurant industry and we will make sure we fit you with a solution tailored to your restaurant’s needs.

Payment Processing Advantages:

  • NFC Payments (tap to pay) including Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Many point of sale solutions
  • Detailed online reports
  • Mobile payment options
  • Get your cash fast with next day funding
  • Secure transactions increase customer trust and satisfaction
  • Account setup generally in one business day with our fast approval process
  • Much more …


Benefits Of  Using Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services

Fast Approval

Get a higher level of service quickly.

No Cancellation Fees

Hassle-free – We handle PCI compliance on our end making sure you provide safe, secure, reliable transactions.

EMV Acceptance

We supply modern credit card machines with all the bells and whistles you expect. EMV, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and contactless payments are all supported.

Online Account Login

Included 24/7 online access to a full suite makes it easy to track your merchant account.

Next Day Funding

No more waiting for deposits. You get next-day funding so you can run your business without all of the unnecessary speed bumps.

No Term Agreements

Our customer service supplies 5-star support!

Free Equipment Program

98% of our merchants qualify for free credit card terminals or processing equipment. Don’t worry about leasing a new machine. We have a new one for you!

Exceptional Customer Service

Fully customized & cutting edge, we have low-cost solutions that you have been looking for.