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All in One Point of Sale System founded by Grocery Store Owners for Grocery Store and Retail Owners.

  • Faster checkouts using Scanner Scale Integration
  • More foot traffic by offering EBT / Pin Debit
  • Additional revenue Curbside and Delivery
  • Self Checkout (Coming Soon)
  • Labor saving using Mobile Shelf Price Tags Printing
  • Build Customer Trust by utilizing Customer Display Screen & More…

Best Grocery Store POS System.

It’s about having the right information at your fingertips to run your operation efficiently. From Purchase Orders to Cycle Count, we got your retail operation covered. Octopos is ranked by the experts as one of the best Grocery Store POS System.

Scanner Scale Integration

Octopos out the gate integrates with Honeywell Scanner scale and host of other hardware components.

EBT Support

Don’t miss out on potential revenues. Allows your customers to pay for their food using SNAP and EBT.

Multiple Tax Rates

We understand that each geography has their own Tax Rates. Use our system to manage multiple tax rates.

Multiple Barcode Support

Often times Grocers needs to have multiple scannable Barcodes per product. You can easily do that in Octopos.

Shelf Price Tag Printing

Use the power of Zebra Mobile printers to print price tags along with reward information right on the floor.

Customer Display Screen

Create a better checkout experience for your customers by implementing Customer Display Screen.

Use Octopos Grocery Pos System as your Point of Success.

When you own and operate a grocery store, you want your customers to have a top-notch experience from start to finish. In order to make the grocery store shopping experience one of speed and enjoyment for all customers, you need to have a Grocery Store Point of Sale System in place which is top-of-the-line and exceptional in every way. OctoPos is the grocery store POS system you need.

Make Your Grocery Store Operations Speedy and Efficient by using our POS System

First and foremost, the Grocery POS System provided by OCTOPOS speeds up operations overall. From scanning purchase items to tracking inventory to handling employee timesheets, the OCTOPOS grocery store POS system software works quickly and efficiently to handle these tasks and so much more.

How the OCTOPOS Grocery POS System Can Improve Your Grocery Store Offerings?

There are many ways in which the OCTOPOS Point of Sale system can improve your grocery store point of sale operation, from speeding up the operations to offering all-in-one equipment options and so much more. Here are some of the benefits to having the OCTOPOS system as part of your daily operations:

24/7 Cloud Based

Octopos is 100% Cloud software. You can access your data from anywhere without the need of expensive servers. Our simple subscription model saves businesses thousands per year.

eCommerce Integration

Why not utilize the instore inventory to sell online? Use our ecommerce integration to sell your products online using our shopping cart integration. You can sync inventory to online stores.

Inventory Management

Stay on top of your game. Don’t lose customers because of unavailability of inventory. Use our state of the art Purchase Order management to order products before they run out.

Gateway to Actionable Information

One of the reasons why OCTOPOS is so popular is because of its easy to use features and system. The software has a dashboard that offers real-time reports, so it’s never been easier to keep an eye on what’s selling, financials, reports, and cash flow.

Use those information points to gain insight into what sells and what doesn’t. In the end, product sitting on the shelf is a dead investment.

Is OCTOPOS right for you? Call us to find out more.