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How Does Android Pay Work?

Society is in the midst of the technological age. WiFi connectivity is available almost everywhere, smartphones are used for way more than just making calls, and apps allow people to do all sorts of things. Android Pay is a mobile payments application that makes paying for goods or services a cinch. Google first launched Android Pay in the United States back in 2015. However, now it is available from financial institutions in a host of other places such as…

  • Australia, Japan, Russia
  • Canada, Belgium, Poland
  • Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong
  • Taiwan, Ireland, And The UK

Digging Out Cards And Bills Are Things Of The Past

Users download the app, store debit or credit card information to their Android Pay account, and pay for things by placing their smartphone or watch near a point-of-sale terminal. A near-field communication chip, also commonly called NFC, is located inside your device and transmits the data to the compatible POS instantly. Don’t worry about mishaps because the NFC has a short range, and the machines must be within a couple of inches of one another to work.

There is no need for digging around in your bottomless purse or wallet to find those pesky, hiding cards, bills, or coins. Once the phone or watch is tapped against the terminal, a unique transaction identification code becomes sent wirelessly. The merchant never even sees the consumer’s account numbers as everything is stored in the code. This element makes the payment method safe and more secure than most credit card purchases.

Increase Sales & Profits By Accepting Android Pay in Las Vegas

Customers expect stores to let them use whatever payment form they want. When establishments fail to accept their preferred methods, the consumers will go elsewhere for their shopping needs. In turn, the institutions will notice declining profits as competitors will be getting all of the business. So, don’t leave anything to chance when your company’s bottom line is the primary concern. Instead, meet the payment requirements of your patrons and keep them happy.

Many people may be asking themselves about Google’s other payment service, Google Wallet. It has been in service since 2011 and is not going anywhere. Wallet never gained the popularity that the company was hoping for though, and it will now merely be used for P2P payment services so that people can transfer funds to friends with their debit cards. However, users will be upgraded to Android Pay to handle their other transactions.

Employ A Merchant Service Company in Las Vegas, NV

At Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services, Inc. we have the experience and know-how to get businesses set up and able to accept these types of digital currencies. Take a look around our site to gain a feel for what we are all about, then, when you are ready, give us a call to discuss your options.

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