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Why Your Small Business Needs To Accept Apple Pay

Unless you live under a rock, chances are you’ve heard of Apple Pay.

Apple Pay gives small business owners in Las Vegas, NV the chance to give their customers a secure, and easy way to pay. A current phrase many store owners are used to hearing is “sorry, I don’t have cash.” But soon, you’ll be hearing “sorry, I don’t have my card on me.” Be prepared for any excuse or forgetfulness and accept Apple pay with an NFC enabled device.

You’re probably thinking, what do I need Apple Pay for? I’m not the size of a larger business, and I have regulars. It’s never a wise choice to stay in your own way’s and ignore change. Changes will happen whether you like it or not, and it’s better to follow the trend and not get left behind. Check out the benefits of accepting Apple Pay at your small business.

Competitive Edge

Businesses that use mobile payments are ahead of the game. Accepting mobile payments can help boost their bottom line. In a study done on EMV and NFC technology respondents said they were likely to seek out stores that take mobile payments. Having this competitive advantage can help you gain new customers.


If you’ve never witnessed a person use Apple Pay then it may surprise you how simple and speedy the process is. Many consumers complain that chip readers take too long to process their transaction. That’s not the case with Apple Pay. Customers simply hold their phone or watch, up to the reader. Plus, no PIN is required depending on the price.


About 90 million people in the United States own an iPhone and are able to use Apple Pay. A research study done by British psychologists found that young adults are using smartphones twice as must as they estimated. At this rate, it would be a bad business move to not accept Apple Pay at your business.

Accept Apple Pay In Las Vegas With Us

There’s no charge associated with accepting Apple Pay, however, the right EMV and NFC technology is required. Get an EMV ready with Apple Pay from Global 1 Wholesale Merchant Services today!

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